Thursday, April 25, 2013

Planning Your Open Studios Tour

It's almost here! Silicon Valley Open Studios takes place the first three week-ends in May. Now's the time to set up a date with your art buddies to go out treasure hunting. You can find the schedule and get maps to the artists you are interested in from the SVOS website. In the left column there is a section called Plan Your Tour, where you can look up the artists by last name.

Did any of the artists I covered in this series interest you? You could drop by to say hello, even if you don't plan to spend any money. Even more than sales, artists need attention for their work. Their art is their gift to the world. Your attention, appreciation, and admiration completes the gesture.

Can you remember the artists I wrote about? They were getting mixed up in my mind, so I thought I would write a brief review.

My Neighbor, the Artist: Christine Oliver does watercolors, collages, and a mix of the two that may include small symbolic items.

Here's Looking at You, Chick
Christine Oliver
Photo from Christine's website

When Pigs Fly: Jaki Ernst makes a wide range of whimsical book arts and crafts.

Finial Primer
Jaki Ernst
iPad photo

Layers of Clay: Martha Castillo makes abstract prints using liquid clay as a print medium.

All that Jazz
Martha Castillo
Photo from Martha's website

Golden California: Maralyn Miller paints the landscape of Northern California in acrylics, oils and pastels.

Golden California
Maralyn Miller
iPad snapshot

Putting His Own Spin on Reality: Ed Lucey favors water-soluble oils for a variety of subjects ranging from landscapes to still lifes.

Contented Cows
Ed Lucey
iPad snapshot

Carving Out Relationships: Ruth Waters carves abstract sculpture from wood. She recently founded the Peninsula Art Museum.

Ruth Waters
iPad snapshot

A Bright New Art Destination: The Peninsula Art Museum and Art Institute is a great new resource to Burlingame and the surrounding area. The Institute includes studios for over 25 professional artists, and most of their studios will be open during Open Studios.

Peninsula Museum of Art
Photo by Dan L. Smith

When is a Painting Like a Jar of Jelly?: Kay Duffy is a watercolorist whose work is dominated by her interest in nature.

Mt. Diablo
Kay Duffy
Photo from Kay's website

The Beauty is In the Details: Denise Howard uses colored pencils. She has treated a wide range of subjects, but she tends to emphasize close-up treatment of nature.

Tree of Character
 Denise Howard
iPad photo

I have my plan together, with three visits scheduled. My husband agreed to be my art buddy. I'm really looking forward to it.

Don't wait to see what happens. You know you have to make a plan or it won't get done.

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